A Few Steps Involved With A New Air Conditioning Installation

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If you don't think your air conditioner will make it through another hot summer, it's time to call an air conditioning installation contractor and get new equipment. It's best to do this while the weather is mild, or you'll have to struggle through a hot day with no AC if you wait until summer. 

It could take all day to put in a new air conditioner, and your AC will be off all that time. You'll need to be at home since the contractor has to replace equipment inside as well as outside. Here's a look at what happens with a new air conditioning installation.

The Old Refrigerant Is Collected

The HVAC technician has to collect the old refrigerant from the system first. This is collected and recycled or disposed of properly. This could take some time, so while that's being done, the technician might start undoing wiring and other parts that are safe to take apart with refrigerant in the system.

Remove The Condenser And Evaporator Coil

Once parts have been dismantled from the wiring, the condenser can be hauled to the truck. The refrigerant lines can be disconnected and the evaporator coil removed from the air handler. The HVAC technician removes all of these parts and they may look them over later to determine what can be recycled. HVAC contractors often recycle the equipment and refrigerant from old equipment when possible.

Set Up New Equipment

When the old AC is removed and out of the way, the new equipment can be set up. First, the technician will prep the area around the condenser pad if it needs it. The pad should be level if possible, but if not, the technician can still make the condenser level by adjusting the feet on the bottom.

The evaporator coil is attached to the air handler and then all the wiring and refrigerant lines have to be attached to the new AC. Also, the refrigerant needs to be filled, and that could take a while. When the refrigerant is full and the wires and lines are all connected, it's time to turn the AC on and see how well it works.

Once the air conditioning installation is complete, the HVAC technician may discuss how the equipment works. If your AC was several years old, you may have some things to learn about your new air conditioner. The technician may stress the importance of changing the filter regularly and getting annual maintenance from a licensed technician so your AC stays in good shape for years to come.