Why Is Your Gas Furnace Running But Not Heating Your Home?

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Despite the name, your gas furnace does not entirely run on gas. While the heating system burns gas to generate heat, some of its components require electricity to work. These include the relays, circuit boards, capacitors, motor and fan for the blower, programmable thermostat, and more.

Although many modern gas furnaces are built to work reliably, they can experience occasional hiccups. One of the most frustrating issues you may have with your furnace is a "no heat" emergency.

Typically, this type of heating system emergency arises when the furnace runs but fails to provide heat in your home. Here are a few common reasons why your gas furnace may turn on but leave you feeling cold in winter weather.

Broken Blower Fan

If your blower fan is broken, your furnace won't be able to push heated air from your air vents into your interior living space. When hot air stagnates within your heating system, your indoor temperatures will start to drop quickly.

The most likely culprit behind a blower fan failure is a bad blower motor. When your furnace motor is toast, it won't turn the furnace fan, making it difficult to match the temperature setting on the thermostat.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat connected to your furnace serves one primary purpose – controlling your home's indoor temperature. If it is not set or working correctly, it will not help attain the desired in-home temperature.

If your furnace blower fan motor is working well, check and test your thermostat to confirm or rule it out as the cause of your heating problem. 

Dirty Filter

If the blower fan motor and the thermostat are functioning correctly but your furnace produces no heat, the furnace filter might be dirty.

A dirty filter inhibits the proper flow of heat air through your heating system, resulting in a lack of heating output in your home. If you can't remember the last time you replaced your furnace filter, a filter replacement can help clean the air and restore the heat supply to your home.

When it comes to dealing with home heating issues, it helps to be proactive. Performing preventative maintenance on your gas furnace can significantly reduce the chances of heating failure and the stress it causes. That said, furnace issues can affect even the most well-maintained furnaces.

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