Why Summer Is a Great Season for Furnace Replacement

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When it's summery and warm outside, you're probably thinking about barbecues and backyard parties — not about furnace replacement. But while it may initially seem strange to do so, replacing your furnace in the summer is actually a very good idea. Here are a few reasons why.

HVAC companies are not that busy.

Summer tends to be a slower season for HVAC companies. They may be doing a few AC installations and some AC repairs, but people more often get those things done in the spring before AC season. There typically are not a lot of people calling for furnace replacement in the summer, and virtually nobody is having their furnace repaired at this time of year. As such, when you have your furnace placed in the summer, the HVAC company is likely to have a lot of flexibility in scheduling. They're more likely to be able to schedule the replacement at a time that's convenient for you.

You won't have to go without heat.

If you wait until fall or winter to have your furnace replaced, you may have to go without heat for a day or two while the work is being done. Of course, you can compensate with space heaters and the like, but that's still a hassle. In the summer, you're not using the heat, so it's okay if you don't have an operational furnace in place for a day or two. A furnace repair service can usually keep the AC operational through much of the furnace replacement process, if needed.

You may get a deal on last year's furnace models.

Furnace companies create new models often. While the new models may be slightly more efficient and have a few more features, they're not typically lightyears above last year's model. In the summer, when the new year's models are just being released, you may be able to get last year's furnace models at a discounted price. This is because either your HVAC company or the furnace company will be trying to clear them out to make space for the new models.

If you have time to have your furnace replaced this summer, go for it. You might get a better deal, enjoy more flexibility, and escape the concern about going without heat for a time. Contact a local HVAC company and ask about summer furnace replacement. Chances are, they'll also be glad to get this work out of the way earlier.