Should You Bother Maintaining An Old Air Conditioning System?

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The average lifespan of a residential central air conditioning system is less than twenty years. As these systems age, many homeowners begin to think about the prospect of replacement. If it seems like a new air conditioner might be in your future, is it still worth spending the money on annual maintenance service visits?

In most cases, the answer is "yes." Unless you intend to replace your system in less than a year, you should always continue maintaining your air conditioner as usual. You may even want to step up your maintenance as your system enters its golden years. Keep reading for three reasons that even the most ancient AC units can still benefit from a little TLC.

1. Low Cost, High Impact

Most air conditioner maintenance visits should not cost more than a few hundred dollars. Since you only need to schedule these visits once per year, they're a relatively low-cost job that can have some significant benefits. Even relatively small efficiency gains should be enough throughout the year to help you offset the visit's cost.

Additionally, this relatively low price can potentially help extend the life of your system. If your technician spots a problem early, they may be able to save you the cost of a failed compressor or another issue that may force you to replace your system prematurely. Extending the life of your old system by even a few years is an excellent way to save money over the long run.

2. Fewer Unexpected Repairs

Installing a new air conditioner takes time and planning. If your system fails suddenly during the summer, you may find yourself with a hard choice between an expensive repair or waiting days, weeks, or even months to install a new system. Unfortunately, older air conditioning systems are more vulnerable to these unexpected failures than newer units.

Scheduling routine maintenance visits will help you catch problems before they stop your system from cooling your house. Under ideal circumstances, you can repair these issues before they become too expensive, allowing you to squeeze some more life from your old air conditioner.

3. More Comfortable Summers

Poorly maintained systems can lose efficiency and cool your home less effectively. If you don't plan to replace your old system before it fails, then you may spend many summers dealing with an air conditioning system that isn't keeping you cool and comfortable. A simple maintenance visit and tune-up can help restore some of your AC's power, ultimately creating a more comfortable home.

While you may not want to put more money into an old system, annual maintenance visits are an investment worth making in systems of any age. Click here for more information.