4 Signs Your Business Needs A New Walk-In Refrigeration Unit

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Many businesses have walk-in refrigerators, often referred to as walk-in coolers. These large appliances are essential for many business operations and are designed to last for many years. However, over time, your walk-in refrigeration unit may start to break down and may need to be replaced. It is essential to understand the signs that your walk-in unit has reached the end of its life.

#1: Higher Utility Bills

Running a walk-in cooler requires a lot of energy. If you notice that your electric bills are higher and have not made any other changes to your business, your cooler may not be insulating as it once was, causing extra energy to be used.

As your cooler loses its insulation abilities, more heat will seep into the cooler, causing the cooler to have to run more to keep things cool. This can result in a dramatic hike to your bill. A broken motor or thermostat or damaged seal can drive up your electricity costs. If you have made numerous repairs to your unit over the years and are still encountering issues and high utility bills, it is time for a new unit.

#2: Regular Leaks

Your refrigeration unit should not leak. If you have to replace the seals on the door on a more frequent basis than you should, it may be time to start looking for a new unit. Damaged seals generally lead to water puddles, which can lead to mold and mildew, leading to a failed health inspection.

#3: Fluctuating Temperatures

The temperature inside of your walk-in refrigeration unit should stay the same. This is necessary to protect the integrity of the food you are storing inside of the unit.

If the temperature is fluctuating, it may be due to a broken thermostat, which can be fixed. If the temperature is fluctuating due to insulation failure, you will need to replace the unit.

#4: Frost Build-Up

Your unit should not allow frost or ice to build up inside. This may happen occasionally, but you shouldn't regularly be scraping away excess ice from your cooler.

Excess ice is causing by moisture, which is generally caused when the air starts to leak into your unit around the panels due to failure of the unit.

If your walk-in cooler or refrigeration unit is experiencing regular leaks, fluctuating temperatures, frost and ice build-up, and higher utility bills, it is time to start shopping for a replacement refrigeration unit.