3 Heating Maintenance Tips For Unconventional Energy-Efficient Heater Designs

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Today, there are options for many different types of heating systems. Some of these systems include energy-efficient designs that use biomass fuels or geothermal or solar energy. These modern heating systems require a little different maintenance than your conventional boiler or furnace. Here are some heating maintenance tips for your modern, energy-efficient heating system:

1. Geothermal HVAC And What to Check Before You Turn on The Heating

One of the oldest energy-efficient HVAC designs is geothermal heat exchangers. These systems use the temperature of the ground as a thermal exchange to provide energy to your furnace and air conditioner. Before you switch to heating this year, there is going to be some maintenance that needs to be done to your system, which includes inspecting and lubricating mechanical pump components and cleaning the coil lines; especially if your system has an open loop design.

2. Preparing Biomass Boilers for Winter Weather Needs

Preparing for winter weather sometimes means it is time to split and stack firewood for the fireplace. This is something that also needs to be done for outdoor biomass boilers that use wood as a fuel service. If you have a more conventional biomass system that uses pellet, wood chips, or other organic materials, you will also want to make sure your system has fuel supplies for winter. In addition, you will want to bleed air out of the system, inspect the pump, and make sure the system is clean and no minor repairs are needed before you start using it in winter when the temperatures drop.

3. Maintaining Solar Hybrid Systems with Conventional Furnace for Forced-Air

Another type of energy-efficient system that you can have installed for modern heating solution is a hybrid system. These are systems that use a combination of solar water heaters and conventional furnaces or boilers. With this type of system, you will need to do routine maintenance to the conventional furnace as well as maintenance to the solar collector and mechanical components of the system to ensure it is ready for winter weather.

These are some maintenance tips to help with the upkeep of energy-efficient heating designs. If you need more efficient heating for your home, contact a furnace installation service and talk with them about some of these options. They will be able to help you with updating your furnace and doing upgrades to help make it more efficient to reduce your heating costs this year,