Is Your Furnace Trying To Tell You Something?

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As colder weather approaches, many homeowners will find themselves turning on their furnaces for the first time of the year. Unfortunately, when a furnace has been in hiatus for the warm summer months, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when winter rolls around. Specifically, there are a few telltale signs that all homeowners should look for that can indicate the need for furnace inspection and/or repair.

Strange Smells

It's not uncommon to notice a slight burning smell the first time you turn your furnace on for the year. What you're likely smelling is the burning off of dust and other particles that accumulated over the summer. If that smell persists after the first time you run your furnace, however, it may be time to call an HVAC professional for assessment. You could be dealing with air ducts that are in need of cleaning or even a gas leak, depending on the smell you're noticing.

Squealing or Whistling

Furnaces have come a long way when it comes to making less noise, but there is still no such thing as a totally silent furnace. Still, if you notice any squealing or whistling noises coming from your furnace while it's running, this is not something you'll want to ignore. Often times, these sounds are indicative of belt fan problems or loose internal parts.

Discolored Pilot Light

Ideally, the pilot light on your furnace should be blue in color. If you notice that the pilot light on your furnace is more of a yellow color, you need to call your HVAC repair professional as soon as possible. Often times, a discolored pilot light is the sign of a ventilation problem, which means you could have dangerous carbon monoxide building up in your home.

Not Enough Heat

Finally, if your furnace simply isn't kicking out enough heat (or warm enough heat) to keep your home comfortable on colder days, you'll want to call your local HVAC repair specialist sooner rather than later. You could be dealing with something as simple as poor insulation in your duct work or something more complex.

Regular care and maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace in great shape all winter long. Still, if you notice any of these issues with your furnace, it's important to call a trusted HVAC service as soon as possible to diagnose and repair the issue. From there, you can enjoy a warm and cozy home regardless of the weather.