Troubleshooting Common Portable Air Conditioner Problems

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Portable air conditioners are a common home cooling option that are designed to be moved around your home as needed, and provide targeted cooling to individual rooms instead of your entire home. This distinctive method of operation carries with it a number of unique benefits, such as reduced energy bills and a greater degree of customization. However, like all home appliances, portable air conditioners are susceptible to certain issues which can reduce their efficiency or even completely stop them from working. Learning how to troubleshoot common portable air conditioner problems can help you ensure that your home's cooling needs are met effectively.

The Unit Won't Turn On (or Turns Off Suddenly)

If your portable air conditioning unit fails to turn on, or suddenly turns off, there are a variety of potential causes. Firstly, you should ensure that the unit is still plugged in, and that there are no signs of physical damage to the power cord or the unit itself. You can try plugging the unit into other electrical outlets as well to see if it is an appliance or an outlet issue. Then, check to see if a built-in timer is active on the unit: this can sometimes hamper it from turning on. Finally, the last thing that you should do is change the temperature on the unit to see if that causes it to turn on: sometimes the room is cool already, and the unit won't function as a result.

Lack of Air Flow

If your portable air conditioner does not move air throughout the room properly, it is likely suffering from a buildup of dust and debris and needs to be cleaned. This should be something that you do fairly regularly anyway, as a cleaner unit will be operate with a higher degree of energy efficiency and effectiveness. Simply remove the filter from the casing in the unit itself (usually can be done by hand, but may require a standard crosshead screwdriver) and dump the contents in the garbage can.

Bad Smells

If your portable air conditioner produces a bad smell when it turns on, you likely have mold growing somewhere within the unit. This is usually caused due to a fluid leak within your portable air conditioner, creating a damp and dark environment that allows mold and mildew to grow in. In order to clean it out, you'll have to remove the filter and all other coverings on the unit and clean it out with a cleaning solution – most commercial chemical cleaners will work, though there are ones specially formulated for removing mold. Be sure to wear a mask and gloves while cleaning to reduce your exposure. Alternatively, you can have an HVAC professional come in to clean your unit out for you.

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