3 Things That Could Go Wrong With Your AC System

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If you are like most American households you have an air conditioning unit that helps to cool the house. AC can be one of your most important investments in the house since it makes it more comfortable to be home, and can protect your belongings by preventing overheating. However, many times your AC won't work as well as it should, which if unattended, can cause serious problems for the system down the road. Here are some reasons that your AC is working properly.

1. The Outdoor Unit Is Obstructed

The outdoor unit plays an important role in your AC functioning. Some owners mistakenly put their unit next to the trees or plants so that the unit gets obstructed by leaves and debris. Ideally you should put the outdoor unit by the house and in a place where there is very little foliage. You could even put a small fence around it to keep it safe from all of the debris.

As a general rule you should be taking opportunities to clean the unit. Each time you mow the lawn or go outside, walk by the unit and make sure it is clean. If the unit is clean, and still not working well, you may need to call a repairman.

2. The Main Unit Is Leaking

Another thing that you should be checking for often is if the main unit inside the house is dry. AC units use Freon, which helps to keep the air cool, but if you are not careful the Freon can leak, which is not only bad for the AC unit but is also dangerous for those in the house. Thus, you should be checking often to make sure that the unit is dry.

In addition, you might notice water pooling around the area. This is another sign that your unit needs repairs. There may be a small amount of condensation coming from the unit, but it should be minimal and not enough to leave any water behind.

3. The Filters Are Dirty

Air filters in the AC system are incredibly important. They help keep the air quality clean, they help the functioning of the unit, and without a good working one, it can break the system. For this reason, you should be changing your filters often. Filters are inexpensive, but will control the functioning of the unit.

By understanding these potential problems you can catch them early on and fix it. Check out companies like Shivani Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for more information.