3 Signs That You Need Heat-Pump Repair

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It is crucial that your heater works for you when you need it most. One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you in the middle of winter is when you turn on your heater only to realize that you are having problems with the heat pump. This will not allow you to get the heat that you need and will leave you unsure of exactly how to fix the problem. Thankfully, there are HVAC contractors out there that are trained and experienced to not only determine what the problem with your heat pump is but also to repair it for you completely and in a timely manner. This article will discuss three signs that may indicate you need to call a HVAC contractor to repair your heat pump. 

Freezing and Ice Have Developed 

One sure sign that you need to call an HVAC contractor is if your heat pump has ice on it that indicates that it is freezing. This means that something is going wrong with the heat pump's de-icing mechanism. This ice can cause blockages with your filters and your vents, thus preventing you from getting the heat that you need, even if your heat pump decides to function. When your HVAC contractor comes to your home, they are going to be able to diagnose exactly what is causing the ice and will be able to repair or replace the pump for you. 

The Fan Doesn't Work

Another common problem that you may notice with your heat pump is that the fan isn't working. You will be able to tell right away that there is a problem with your fan because the heat isn't going to blow out of your vents as it should. The problem may be directly related to the fan, or it may be a problem related to your thermostat. In any case, the HVAC contractor is going to be able determine what the exact cause for the problem is.

The Heat Pump Makes Noises

If you notice that your heat pump makes grinding or squealing noises when you turn it on, then you are going to want to turn it off right away and contact an HVAC contractor. They are going to be able to see whether this is due to a problem with the motor bearings or if it is some other less common issue that is causing this to happen. From there, they will tell you what the exact issue is, will tell you how much the repair costs, and will then fix it for you so that you can get the heat that you need for your home. 

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