Important Steps to Take after a Pipe Bursts

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Are you a new homeowner? Have you recently purchased a home in a location that regularly gets snow or sub-freezing weather in the winter? If you live in an area of the country where hard freezes are common, then one thing that you need to think about is what you'll do if a water pipe bursts. Dealing with a burst pipe can be scary, but dealing with the problem can be easier if you know beforehand what you should be doing. Being prepared for this type of situation will help everything go much smoother. Here are some things to do as soon as you realize that a pipe has burst:

Turn off the water: Find out now where the main water valve to your house is. Figure out if you'll need anything special to turn the valve off. Even though you might be able to turn the valve easily now, think about how the valve might be when it's below freezing outside. To make it easier to turn off the water to your house, keep an appropriate rag or wrench in a convenient and easy to access location. As soon as you realize that a pipe has burst in your home, turn off all of the water and then call a plumber to fix the situation.

Shut off the electricity: Water and electricity don't mix. Even if you don't initially think that the water has made it to any electrical circuits, it's better to turn off everything to be safe. Leaving the electricity on in your flooded house could result in somebody getting electrocuted. Once your plumber arrives, he or she can take a look at the damage and let you know whether or not the water has leaked over anything electrical. However, if you see water coming out of a light fixture, light switch, or electrical outlet, then you should save time and simply call an electrician at the same time as you call your plumber.

Mop up the water: Make sure to have a supply of towels and sheets available to mop up any water that comes from burst pipes. Even if your emergency plumber is able to head to your home immediately, weather and traffic conditions could mean that it'll be several minutes to over an hour before they arrive. When dealing with the cleanup of standing water in your home, every minute counts. Cleaning up as much of the water as possible can make it easier for your plumber to work, helping to ensure that they are able to fix your issue in a swift and timely manner. Before mopping up the water, make sure to be safe and follow the above tip to shut off electricity to the area so that you don't get electrocuted.

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