2 Reasons To Have Professional Maintenance Done For Your Home's Gas Furnace In The Spring

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After a cold winter, you may be ready to turn off your furnace and switch over to the air conditioning system. Since you are eager to leave winter behind, you may not even consider having professional maintenance done on your gas furnace and believe you can wait until next fall to worry about it.

However, spring is an ideal time to have your home's heating system serviced. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have professional maintenance done on your home's gas furnace in the spring instead of waiting.

1. Having a Professional Perform Maintenance Ensures the Heating System Is Properly Shut down with No Gas Leaks

One reason why you should go ahead and have maintenance done on your home's gas furnace by a professional service is the assurance that it is shut down properly. Because the furnace is fueled by natural gas, the supply must be turned off completely.

While ensuring the gas supply is shut off, the maintenance technician can double-check the gas lines, burner, and pilot to make sure that there are no leaks. This helps ensure that carbon monoxide does not build up in your home even when the furnace is not running.

2. Having the Filter Changed and System Cleaned Reduces the Risk of Mold Growth over the Summer Months

Another reason why you should have your gas furnace serviced before warm weather arrives is that they can thoroughly clean the inside of the system. Along with changing the air filter, the maintenance technician will also clean out any built-up dust, hair, and dirt that will trap moisture during the warm, humid months of summer.

If the system is not cleaned, the damp dirt will encourage mold growth within the system. This would create an issue with the air quality in your home during summer and leave you with a larger problem that would need to be dealt with in the fall unless the system is cleaned in the spring.

Even if you know you will not need to run your furnace during the warmer seasons, having a professional perform maintenance in the spring helps ensure that the system is shut down properly and that there are no gas leaks that can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide in your house. Having the system professionally cleaned also ensures that no mold will grow within the furnace during the hot and humid weather. If you are ready to turn off the heat in your home, contact a furnace maintenance service in your area to speak with a representative to schedule an appointment.