Top 4 Common Problems You're Likely To Encounter With Your Air Conditioner

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As a homeowner, you want your AC to operate efficiently for a long time. But for this to happen, you need to keep up with regular maintenance. While there are tasks you might perform by yourself, such as changing the filter, it's always advisable to seek the services of an HVAC company. They're able to quickly catch and address even subtle AC problems before they can cause huge damage that may result in costly repairs. Learn more about common issues you can experience with your HVAC system.

Water Is Leaking From Your Indoor Unit

If you notice water dripping from your indoor AC unit, it's a sign that you should contact an HVAC repair technician to check it out. Various things can cause the AC to leak water inside your home. One of the things that may contribute to this issue is a clogged drain line due to mold or mineral deposits. The drain pan will likely fill up when this happens, causing water to drip on the walls. Water leaks can also occur in the event that the condensate pump breaks down. Regardless of the problem's cause, your HVAC contractor can address it efficiently.

Your Unit Is Making Strange Sounds

Your air conditioner will typically produce some sound during its operation, but anything disruptive or out of the ordinary indicates a problem that requires urgent attention. For instance, if you hear a squealing noise, it means that the belt of the fan motor is out of alignment or that the motor itself is failing. Continuous clicking sounds point to a likely failing thermostat, while a banging noise is a sign of a compressor with loose or broken parts. To help address the root cause of the noise from your AC, reach out to an experienced HVAC repair technician.

The AC Vents Are Blowing Warm Air

Whenever you notice that your air conditioner vents are blowing warm instead of cold air, there are issues within your unit that need to be quickly addressed. This problem may arise if your AC refrigerant is leaking. Other possible causes include a malfunctioning thermostat or clogged air filter. To be certain of the underlying cause of this problem, consider contacting a reputable HVAC repair technician.

AC Capacitor Failure

If your air conditioner turns on and off randomly, followed by a clicking sound, you likely have a faulty AC capacitor. This component provides the AC motor with the initial push to begin working. During the hot or cold seasons, when you run your air conditioner more than usual, a lot of strain is placed on the capacitor, and this can cause it to overheat and fail. Old air conditioners are also likely to experience capacitor failure. In any case, capacitor repairs need to be done by a professional to avoid the risk of electric shock.

As soon as you notice any of the AC issues mentioned above, seek timely repairs to prevent the need for premature unit replacement.

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