3 Commercial Plumbing Problems That Can Plague Property Owners In The Winter

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Commercial property owners face many of the same plumbing issues that homeowners encounter. However, the effects may be more severe because some properties are large and contain complex plumbing systems. Routine maintenance is a viable way to ensure that properties face minimal or no plumbing emergencies. The winter season in many areas of the country causes freezing that may overburden plumbing systems that are in poor condition. The following points identify a few problems that can occur.


Commercial property owners need to ensure that they have routine plumbing maintenance schedules. This is effective for detecting clogs. There are a variety of things that can cause clogs such as coagulated grease, hair, and personal hygiene items. Visitors to the property and employees may not be privy that these things can cause plumbing issues, or they might not care. Routine drain cleaning services performed by commercial plumbing contractors are an effective way to keep drains free of clogs. The pressurized water is powerful enough to flush out simple clogs and complex clogs such as tree roots growing in drain lines.

Frozen Pipes

This type of issue is serious because frozen water in pipes may expand the pipes to the point that they cannot contain the water within them. This can lead to burst pipes from the pressure. Burst pipes may cause significant water damage. Frozen pipes may also cause business interruptions because it can take a significant period of time for pipes to thaw out. Commercial plumbers can insulate pipes to reduce the chances of this phenomenon occurring. 

Dirty Water

Individuals who encounter dirty water in their commercial properties need to ensure that they do not risk making anyone ill. Dirty water can be a sign of pipe corrosion, which is something that can be detected before it becomes obvious. Commercial plumbing contractors inspect pipes during maintenance service. They look for signs of aging, which include corrosion and leaks.

Sometimes dirty water is the result of contaminated water from the water supply connected to a property. This can be a sign of a contamination risk. It could make individuals sick if food is prepared using the water or if it is consumed as drinking water. Plumbers can perform inspections and water tests to determine why water appears dirty. They can also install commercial water purification systems.

A commercial plumber is a good resource to use to determine the condition of systems in properties. Property owners who seek services such as inspections and drain cleaning can get repairs if needed. This can prevent serious consequences such as toilet back-ups, pipe leaks, or frozen pipes.