3 Frustrating Commercial Range Problems That Can Hurt Your Business

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Your restaurant or diner business relies on the ability of your commercial kitchen to keep up with food demands. An integral part of your kitchen is the range. These appliances perform a variety of heating and cooking tasks with their burners, broilers, and ovens with conventional and convection capabilities.

The food you offer your diners is only as good as your range, but sometimes a range can fail and leave your kitchen staff out in the cold despite regular maintenance and recommended usage. Fortunately, replacement parts are easy to locate and install.

Here are three frustrating commercial range problems that can hurt your restaurant or diner business but are easily remedied with a new replacement part.

1. Blower Won't Operate

Electric convection ovens rely on a blower motor to forcefully circulate very hot air within the oven to quickly cook food. This unique convection ability is impossible when the blower motor will not turn on. Here are a few key range parts that may be to blame for the problem:

Luckily, replacement parts for ranges like shutdown switches and contactors are easy to locate and replace. A fast solution ensures your kitchen downtime is kept to a minimum.

2. Burner Will Not Turn On

Gas range burners perform a host of important heating functions from gently simmering a sauce to searing steaks in a pan. A hot surface ignitor will glow red to indicate a burner is active. However, a burner that won't turn on despite this red indicator means something is wrong with one or more range parts:

Replacement parts like gas solenoids and ignition boxes important for burner function are readily available from parts suppliers.

3. Oven Temperature Is Incorrect

Sometimes an oven will not heat to the correct temperature and will be too cool or too hot. The results can range from burnt desserts to under-cooked chicken—both recipes for disaster. Oven temperatures that fluctuate can happen when one or more oven parts are faulty:

Remember, range parts that fail don't need to permanently halt production in your commercial kitchen. Look for replacement range parts, such as Southbend parts, to keep your kitchen up and running.