Furnace Repairs That Might Be Needed For Two Of The Most Important Parts Of Your Furnace

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Your furnace has a lot of parts that work together to heat your home, but two of the main components are the burners that heat air and the blower that moves air through the ducts. If either of these systems fails, your home won't get as warm and your furnace may stop working completely. Here are some furnace repairs the burner and blower systems could need.

Furnace Blower Repairs

The blower consists of a fan, motor, and electronic parts. Some blowers also have belts that spin the blower. If any of the parts go bad, the blower fan won't spin, and your furnace won't blow air.

When the blower stops working, the problem might be with the motor. The furnace repair technician has to check the voltage of the motor and electronic parts to determine the problem. The problem might also be a mechanical issue with the bearings. Problems with the bearings, belts, and electronic parts can often be repaired by replacing the bad part, servicing the part, or tightening connections.

If the motor has burned out, which can happen due to a dirty filter or dirty blower fan, the entire motor may have to be replaced. Another problem that can arise with the blower fan is when the fan is clogged up with dust. When dust blocks the fan, the blower can't push as much air through the system. That can result in higher power bills and a colder house.

When the blower is dirty, the furnace repair technician can remove it and clean all the dust and grime off the blades. When bad parts are replaced and the blower cleaned, the furnace should have maximum air output from the vents.

Gas Furnace Burner Problems

The burner system includes the ignition, flame sensor, and burners. These parts work together to create heated air the blower can send through the ducts and into your house. When something is wrong with the ignition flame, sensor, or burners, your furnace may cycle on and off quickly or not produce enough heat.

Your furnace may even shut down completely when the burners don't function properly. Since the burners involve gas that could be dangerous, the combustion area has safety checks built in that shut the furnace down when problems arise with the burners.

Other issues might develop with the gas supply or the sensor might not be able to detect a flame that's present so the furnace shuts off. The burners might be covered with rust or soot and be unable to operate until they're cleaned off.

A dirty combustion area is a common cause of burner problems. To fix this problem, the furnace repair technician might need to clean all the ignition area and burners so they can detect gas and ignite properly to warm your home.