2 Signs You Need To Replace Your Old Gas Furnace This Winter As Soon As Possible

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If you have an older furnace in your home, you may have noticed that it is not keeping you and your household as warm as it has in the past, leading you to wonder whether or not it is time to have it replaced. However, there are a couple of signs that indicate a serious issue necessitating replacement as soon as possible.

1.  Flame Has Changed Colors from Blue to Yellow

One sign that your gas furnace has likely come to the end of its life is also one that could be potentially harmful to you and your family. Normally, the pilot and burner flames should have a cool blue color as it burns off the natural gas supplying the fire.

However, if the flames have changed colors from blue to yellow, this indicates that the furnace is burning off more gas than it should. When this happens, it can spew carbon monoxide into the air in your house. Since you cannot smell, see, or otherwise detect carbon monoxide with a detector, its adverse health effects such as respiratory issues could affect your household.

If you see a yellow flame, have an HVAC professional take a look, as it could be caused by a faulty thermocouple that is not properly regulating the amount of gas. However, if this found to not be the case, you will need to replace the furnace altogether. 

2.  Furnace Makes Loud Banging Noise Whenever It Kicks On

Another sign that your furnace should be replaced is when it starts making a loud banging noise each time it kicks on. Normally, you may hear a slight wooshing sound as the gas fills the chamber and ignites.

However, if the gas delivery to the burner is being delayed, the sudden pressure as it forces its way through can produce this sound. This increased pressure can eventually cause cracks in the lines, which could result in a gas leak.

Sometimes, all it takes is cleaning of the burner by a technician. However, if this does not fix the problem, the furnace will most likely need to be replaced.

If your gas furnace has started exhibiting the above signs and is not able to thoroughly heat your home to a comfortable temperature, you should seriously consider replacing it as soon as possible. Contact an HVAC contractor who provides furnace installation services to discuss your options for purchasing a newer model as well as having them put it in.