Why An Annual Heating Tune Up Is Important

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Scheduling a heating tune up may sound like the last thing you want to take time to do, but maintaining your furnace properly is important. It doesn't matter if your furnace is old or new, it should have an inspection and preventative maintenance done once a year. Here's a look at why this is one job you don't want to neglect.

The Warranty Could Depend On It

If your furnace is still under warranty, then one of the requirements could be that you have annual maintenance. If an annual tune up is required and you don't have it done, you might void the warranty. That means any major repairs needed will be paid for out of your pocket. It's much better to pay a small annual fee for a tune up than it is to let problems build until your furnace breaks down and your warranty won't pay for repairs.

Your Safety Is Protected

Another reason to have a furnace inspected regularly is to keep your family safe from gas or carbon monoxide. Natural gas has an odor, and you might detect this type of leak on your own. However, carbon monoxide has no odor, so it can accumulate in your house and create a dangerous situation. Carbon monoxide isn't a risk when your furnace works properly. But when there's a problem with the combustion process or leaky seams, then carbon monoxide can seep into your home.

Furnace problems with the potential to create a dangerous situation in your home can be detected during an annual inspection and repaired before deadly gases can escape and harm your family. Further protection from this danger is available from carbon monoxide detectors placed in your home that are checked for proper operation regularly.

Minor Problems Won't Become Big Ones

Sometimes, minor problems can turn into costly damage. For instance, reduced airflow is a problem with furnaces that results in damage to blower parts if the problem isn't corrected. Simple service such as tending to a clogged filter or cleaning out the blower and fan could spare the furnace damage from low airflow. Cleaning the furnace is just one part of a tune up. The technician also changes parts, like a belt that looks worn, so they won't break in the middle of winter. All systems are checked, including the thermostat, so your furnace is ready to turn on and heat your home when cold weather arrives. A good time to schedule a heating tune up is in late summer ahead of the heating season.