3 Unexpected Benefits of Radiant Heat

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When selecting a heating method for a home, many people see radiant heat as an option that is only used in high-end homes. The heating system can be practical to use in any size home, and it comes with some unexpected benefits you may not be aware of.

Radiant Heat Can Save Money

One of the benefits of radiant heat is how it can save you money over time. That is because radiant heat gives you some very finite control over the way that your home is heated. You can create several zones of heat within your home, which can even be configured so that specific rooms have their own thermostat. This allows you to only turn on heat in rooms that are actually being used.

You can turn off the heat to a guest bedroom and second bathroom when they are not regularly being used. At night, you can shut off the heat going to all of the rooms except the bedroom. Why pay for heat in places that you are not using it? The zones give you control over the heat in a way that you could never do with forced air systems, which will lower your energy bills.

Radiant Heat Feels Comfortable

Forced air heat creates a problem where rooms feel different depending on how far away from the vent you are located. While the house is warm, the temperature is uneven. Some rooms may not even get the proper airflow to match the temperature of the thermostat, causing them to always be colder than the rest of the house.

Radiant heat feels comfortable no matter where you are. The pipes run underneath the entire square footage of each room, so you feel the heat no matter where you are standing. The heat also radiates up from the floor, so the warmest part will be the lower half of the room rather than the ceiling. It creates a type of heat that feels comfortable, because your feet are the warmest while your head feels cool.

Radiant Heat Lets You Choose Your Energy Source

There are actually two ways that radiant heat can work. One method involves running hot water pipes under your floor, but you can also use electric heating cables as well. This allows you to retrofit radiant heat into a home with an existing furnace, and decrease furnace use by only using radiant heat when you want to use it.

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