3 Ways to Take Care of Your HVAC System This Winter

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Winter is a great time to take care of HVAC system maintenance. Here are three ways you can take care of your HVAC system this winter.

Change Air Filter

One of the first things that you should do is change out the air filter on your HVAC system. This step is often overlooked but is one of the easiest and most necessary maintenance steps that you should take multiple times a year. Ideally, you should check your air filter every month to see whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. You should change your filter a few times a year even if you are able to clean it.

The air filter is one of the most crucial parts of your HVAC system. It helps ensure that the air that circulates throughout your house is clean and fresh. Having a clean air filter also helps reduce strain on your HVAC system because it doesn't have to work so hard to push air through the filter. 

When changing out your air filter, be sure to take your unique needs into consideration. If you have allergies, purchase a filter that is designed to filter out allergic particles. If you have pets, purchase a filter that is designed specifically to remove pet dander and fur from the air.  

Clean Out the Vents

Another way to ensure that the air you are breathing is nice and clean is by cleaning out the vents. Take off all the vent covers in your house and wipe them down so that all dust and debris is removed from the covers. Then take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum up all the dirt and dust that is in the visible part of your vents. 

To clean the entire length of your vents, you are going to want to hire a professional HVAC team to clean your vents. They can use specialized equipment that allows them to clear the entire length of your vents. 

Get a Full Inspection

Finally, winter is a great time to get a full inspection done on your HVAC system. This is a great way to ensure that any issues with your HVAC system are fixed when they are small and before they turn into larger issues. There is only so much that you can do on your own to keep your HVAC system in good shape; let a professional handle the rest of the HVAC maintenance for you.