Do You Live In An Old House With Bad HVAC Appliances? Consolidate To One Unit

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There are a lot of upgrades that are often needed when you purchase an older and outdated home, but if you need to replace the air conditioning unit, furnace, and the hot water tank, consider getting one single appliance that can take the place of all three. With a geothermal heat pump, you won't need to purchase these different items, and instead you'll have one efficient appliance that can provide multiple services. Here are a few advantages you'll notice when you install this appliance in your home.

Heating with Efficiency

You can heat the house more efficiently than with a furnace with a geothermal heat pump. If your house and the climate where you live doesn't reach sub-freezing temperatures, heating the space from geothermal heat from the planet and atmosphere is possible. The unit takes heat that already exists and brings it into your living space.

Cooling and Dehumidifying

A heat pump doesn't bring cold air into the house, but instead it pulls the heat out of the house. It also pulls out humidity, so the house doesn't feel muggy. This allows the space to cool naturally and without a central air conditioning unit. This means no chemically treated air blowing into the home, and no high electricity bills throughout the summer months.

Hot Water on Demand

Instead of having a hot water heater that wastes your energy and can be a risk, use a geothermal heat pump that heats water. The pump can heat water on demand when it's needed, and it doesn't use energy all day long to store hot water. There are units that can be installed directly under the sink for water heating needs as well, and that use geothermal heat to make the water warm. Talk with the contractor to see if this type of water heater will work in your area.

If the climate you live in is very cold, you may have to get some type of heating assistance option for the house, like an infrared heater or electrical option if you still want to avoid installing a furnace. You may also want to look into tankless water heating options if the geothermal heat pump won't be capable of getting the water as hot as you want during the winter months. You can save yourself money and create an efficient property no matter how old it is with these different geothermal heating and cooling options.