Telltale Signs That It Is Time For An HVAC Specialist

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Not sure if you should call your HVAC specialist? Don't wait when you notice smells, sounds, or other signs that something is awry with your heating system or furnace.

Some signs that your heating system needs professional help are:

A smell. Most people will be able to discern that something is wrong with their system by picking up on strange odors coming from their furnace or heating system.

Different smells mean different things:

Strange sounds. If you hear strange noises coming from your heating system, it could be time to replace your furnace. Listen to hear whether the furnace blower runs and shuts itself off and on sporadically or if it blows out cool air. Banging, squealing, and rattling sounds are signs that your furnace could be ready to die; have an HVAC professional make a service call to your home to diagnose the issue and provide estimates of replacements versus repair costs.   

The temperature. If you feel like the temperature in your home is not consistent—warm in some rooms, cool in other places—your furnace may be unable to properly circulate warm air around your home. Talk to an HVAC expert about upgrading your furnace or heating system to distribute energy throughout the house and maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.

Water puddles. There are different reasons why it could look like your furnace is leaking water, and look carefully to determine if it is a plumbing leak near the furnace first. High-efficiency systems could develop leaks near the vents, where the condensation moisture goes down the drain. It also could be that something is dripping water onto your furnace, such as an air conditioning unit or humidifier, which is then seeping out from your furnace.

Utility bills. The older your heating system is, the less efficient it will become. Watch your utility bills to determine if you are paying more for energy than you should be; an older heating unit works harder to do its job, which may result in higher utility costs for you. Invest your money in a new furnace or heating system and save money over time in reduced gas and electric bills each month.

Use these tips to help you evaluate when to call your HVAC professional. Don't get left out in the cold;  ensure that your family is warm this winter with quick repair and timely replacement of heating units.